In 2021:

Chip is an optimal 5G RF chip targeted at the highly optimal implementation of 5G Remote Units significantly reducing the form factor, real estate and bill of materials enabling the development of highly optimum Remote Unit systems for 5G

In 2022:

Signalchip 240 IPs including 5G/4G/3G analog RF 4G/3G, Baseband, Ethernet MAC, Packet processing accelerators and a host of IPs required for SoC.

Agumbe chipsets targeting wireless networking equipment have been taped-out. It is developing/enhancing 5G chipset IPs and corresponding software for its next-generation chipset offering with high capacity, high throughput solutions.

In 2023

Develop/enhance 5G Chipset IPs And Corresponding Software for Its Next Generation Chipset Offering with High Capacity, High Throughput Solutions. Enable High-Performance BBU, RRU, O-DU, and O-RU Solutions.