Innogle Technologies Pvt Ltd

A women Led startup - Innogle, bootstrapped with 3.5 crores, started in 2019 and with 6 Years of research behind it, brings to the market “An Award winning Ocean Deeptech company , selected as one of the Best 5G usecase by DoT .

Innogle , Presenting Kadalcompass Device providing an Innovative solution for Reducing by catch and carbon footprints for the fishing boat owners, also helping save Millions of lives at sea and mine granular data to collaborate and fine tune data gathered by satellite for the Government agencies towards better managing the Ocean wealth about climate action , Cleantech and enabling a Digital Ocean using an emerging technology of 5G to create Digital Ocean integrated with IoUT(Internet of Underwater things) and AI vision, to provide comprehensive solution to sector of fishing Industry, Coast Guards and For Ocean Researchers.

“By implementing this solution 14 Million fishermen will be benefited in india by Availing the profitable fishing and Life safety on the ocean in real time”. “Our mission is to create a 5G Integrated digital ocean and digital under water solution and establishing two-way communication by creating intra-net between the vessels using 5G enabled Kadalcompass device and which will also act as Communication switch.