Signalchip Innovation Private Limited

Implements all functions of a 2x2 dual carrier MIMO LTE and 3G base station in a single chip.

Amongst the most integrated chips for base-station functionalities in the world

  • Covers all LTE bands up to 6GHz.
  • Enables ultra-compact indoor small cells with minimal external components.
  • Inbuilt GNSS including Indian NavIC!

Signalchip has designed and developed 240 IPs including 5G/4G/3G analog RF 4G/3G Baseband, Ethernet MAC, Packet processing accelerators and a host of IPs required for SoC.Agumbe chipsets targeting wireless networking equipment has been taped-out, engineering samples, development boards and reference designs are available.

Signalchip is developing/enhancing 5G chipset IPs and corresponding software for its next generation chipset offering with high capacity, high throughput solutions. The development of IPs typically includes system-architecture, C/Octave modeling, micro-architecture, coding, schematic creation, simulation, synthesis and layout. These IPs will be demonstrated in simulations, FPGA and/or (shuttle) test chips as suitable.