DCIS Scheme

Elena Geo Systems Pvt Ltd

Elena focuses on working in NavIC domain and has the entire range of products from antenna to processor to equipment to systems, that an user will require to use NavIC.

The objective of our project was to develop Timing Devices that would function using the Timing reference that is available in the NavIC / IRNSS signals. These can be directly converted to IST. Since coverage of NavIC / IRNSS is continuous without any break, unlike GPS, the timing circuit will be very simple and would not need a separate internal clock. The cost of these products was also expected to be very less.

Contracts executed during Scheme.
  • Contracts executed during Scheme.
  • Supplied IRNSS receiver and Map Display system to BEL ,Machilipatnam.
  • Supply of marine receiver and Map Display System for GoaShipyard under progress.
  • Supplied IVTS to Army units in Jaipur, Bangalore.
  • Revenue Grown from 72 lakhs to about 400 Lakhs.
  • All POs received after project started.

The product is completely hardware and software based which needs the fund for development of Prototype, so it can be go to the users for demo purpose. Release has helped a lot for developing the complete system.



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Fund Release

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Fund Released Till Date

₹ 4000000