Beneficiaries under DCIS 2022-23

Beneficiaries under DCIS 2022-23

Heterogenous Communication Technologies Pvt Ltd

To design, develop and optimize the femto-cell modem for 5G and B5G systems that enable smart radio environments and support systems with on demand beam

Versatile Antenna Systems

The foundry proven VAS7308 core IC product line is a beam forming ASIC that addresses the market segment

Aheesa Digital Innovations Private Limited

Aheesa™ ECQ6018A is a single board edge computing platform with integrated AI modules designed, developed,

Astrome Technologies Private Limited

GigaMesh 5G is a ground-breaking wireless backhaul and midhaul solution to enhance the deployment of the 5G network.

Astromeda Space Private Limited

Astromeda develop technology to access the health vitals and stress factors of individuals using e-fabric


CEQU Labs has solved surveillance problem with one of a kind integrated Video Surveillance and Security system built on an AI powered.

Cimware Private Limited

CIMware's product / solution is based on awarded US patent #: US9892079B2 that enables CDI at cloud DC with its ToR switch,


We are a Micro-Mobility Startup Working on the Development of a Smart and compact Electric Moped.

Gigayasa wireless private limited

We build system level simulation and emulation tools for 5G, Beyond 5G and 6G wireless networks.

Kratikal Tech Private Limited

Kratikal is one of the leading cybersecurity companies known for its state-of-the art security solutions which

Nimble Vision Pvt Ltd

Nimble Vision is into smart water & sewage management using IoT & AINi-The Smart Manhole Monitor:

Niral Networks Private Limited

Niral Networks provide a comprehensive cloud-native 5G Core and Edge infrastructure platform

Silizium Circuits Private Limited

Silizium Circuits is an Analog Radio Frequency Semiconductor IP and Services venture based out of IIT Hyderabad FabCI.

Spvss Pvt Ltd

SPVSS, An Innovation Solution Provider technology of using an cutting edge of 5G enabled , IoT solution for

Techie Amigos

Our blockchain and IoT powered SaaS based platform ProvenienceX helps companies to bring traceability, security, sustainability and efficiency in their supply chain.

Ushva Clean Technology Pvt Ltd

Flowlinc - Next-generation Industry 4.0 IoT edge device used for remote data control equipped with device management & analytics.

Xten Networks India Pvt. Ltd.

The xTen CyberGuard™ solution works as a Front-line defender of the enterprise data networks and helps to enforce an Integrated Cyber Defense

BigCat Wireless Pvt Ltd

BigCat Wireless focuses on developing innovative solutions in the Wireless space. These innovative solutions are a result of the deep Research

Calligo Technologies Pvt Ltd

Calligo Technologies is a Bangalore based start-up focused on development of products and solutions serving HPC, BigData and AI/ML segments

Chipspirit Technologies Private Limited

Chipspirit has developed First in the world fully hardware-based encryption platform for High Grade Secure communication.

Cientra TechSolution Pvt Ltd

The solution will enable all Government systems and services based on 5G IoT gateway which will standardize the gateway and future 5G / 6G based

COSGrid Systems Private Limited

Secure 5G Network, cost effective and flexible Access Networks is a critical a requirement. With the expected massive rollout

Digicred Technologies Pvt Ltd

Veris is committed to build a physical verification infrastructure of the future enabling seamless authentication, faster access and elevated experience to billions of people across the globe

DSPWorks Automation and Wireless Network solutions Pvt Ltd

We are an IoT company with products in home and industrial automation

Dweepi Innovations Private Limited

Dweepi Innovations works on solutions for Railways with focus on RailTech, IOT, Robotics and AI/ML technologies.

Echelon Edge Private Limited

Multiple Business Lines- Designed for supporting B2C, B2B, Fixed Line, and Cloud Business Lines

Elena Geo Systems

This is a handheld device that will use the NavIC for navigation and 5G networks for map data transmission

Kenstel Networks Limited

Kenstel Networks is a company founded by individuals from IIT Delhi with a passion to manufacture world class wireless products from component level.

Lekha Wireless Solutions Pvt Ltd

Lekha Wireless Solutions is a Bengaluru based deep tech company in the area of wireless telecom and defence communication space.

Matrix Shell Technologies Pvt Ltd

Matrix Shell is telecom security services and product company. We provide services to mobile network companies and help them security

Nabstract Technologies Private Limited is building a portfolio of network applications that provides developers of different industry verticals like gaming& media, industrial IOT

NMSWorks Software Private Limited

The Management and Orchestration product provides comprehensive element and network management with resource and service orchestration capabilities for 5G networks.

OptimusLogic Systems India Private Limited

Mukth : India’s 1st indigenously designed global mobile computing family for education, skill development, security, computing & business is our

R2E Technologies Private Limited

R2E Technologies, a R&D company focusing on building next generation technologies for commute, human tracking & monitoring.

Resonous Technologies Pvt.Ltd

The 5G core market revenues are expected to reach a market size of US$ 14.7 Bn by 2032. (Estimated at US$ 1.1 Bn in 2021)

Signalchip Innovation Private Limited

Signalchip is developing/enhancing 5G chipset IPs and corresponding software for its next generation chipset offering with high capacity, high throughput solutions.

Signaltron Systems Pvt limited

Signaltron is building A 5G/4G O-DU/BBU system for 5G and 4G deployments, with certain enhancements to the existing system are proposed, like Multiple O-RU, massive MIMO, TDD support, H/W accelerators for hi-phy, NSA mode, higher speed fronthaul options wrt DCIS2

Sooktha Consulting Pvt Ltd

M/s Sooktha provide Layer 2 and Layer 3 software for 5G NR gNB. Our software runs on standard hardware. It is easily portable to multiple processor architectures.

Terminus Circuits

Terminus Circuits is into design & development of High Speed Serial Links, which are corner stone IPs for building the High Performance Computing systems.

Velmenni Research and Development Private Limited

They have worked upon Li-Fi technology to provide seamless wireless connectivity in Indoor environment. LiFi uses light as a medium to transmit data wirelessly.

BKC Aggregators Pvt Ltd and Dirgadhi Technologies Pvt Ltd.

The main objective is towards maximising production & minimizing wasteful expenditure/Losses in farming through Technology:

Coral Telecom Ltd

Private 5G would be a high bandwidth low latency wireless network that will become the backbone for Industry 4.0.

Wisig Networks Private Limited and IIT Hyderabad

A custom silicon for NB-IoT+GNSS, Very small foot print, <10 sqmm including radios, Very low power – years of battery life, SoC architecture with several functional power islands